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What is it to drive one of the most powerful German cars?

What is it to drive one of the most powerful German cars?

Anyone who has ever driven a BMW will understand me when I say that it cаn not be described, no verbal expression of the feeling to be behind the wheel of such amazing car. It is not just a car, it’s a religion, an incredible experience that will leave a lasting impression in the mind of any car fan. Someone will probably say that I exaggerate but only those who have tried "pedal to the metal" with this car know what I mean.

Design, sporty look of the road, combined with powerful engines create a sense of dynamics. The high level of technology developments in models and systems for security and control provide the desired comfort. If we have to describe in a few words BMW - dynamic, powerful, environmentally friendly and economical.

Thanks to Efficient Dynamics system cars can boast incomparable dynamic performance and fuel economy.

We should mention as well the related system High Precision Injection, which directly injects fuel at high pressure and precision in a very economical way.

Another important criterion for safety travel is Tire pressure control system (RDC). From March 2014 this innovation was introduced in all new cars of BMW.

This is just some of the extras that deserve to be mentioned, but let's get back to the event, which took place in several phases. Initially we were introduced to the technical parameters of the vehicles and the story of their implementation. Film with detailed information about the work of Automotive Engineers was shown. As I am a layman and my knowledge about the cars is not very profound could not give meaning to all things that I have seen. But what I felt when getting in each model I drove was a proof of the excellent work of the Germans.

The first "test" was within the city. The organizers had been hired a car park, where we could pass through different obstacles and we had the chance to test the capabilities of off-road vehicles. To be honest at the beginning I was quite frightened at the sight of the challenges. During one of our ten passes, two of my tires were hanging in the air and the car rocked like a boat in storm. Our task was to go through the obstacles and without much effort we were convinced that BMW is one of the leading brands on the automotive market. I had the honor to drive the new model X5, which overcame with remarkable ease inclination of 40 degrees and a subsequent "moat" around 60 centimeters. No spin or brake smell and I was able to understand what is to drive such car .The technical parameters are impressive but I as I am female would like to mention the comfort that the cars offer - leather seats, mahogany panel, modern GPS systems and navigation buttons on the steering wheel.

The second test was run in the vicinity of Sofia. The road was wet. There we were able to track the behavior of the car in corners and in wet conditions. Despite its rear transmission, none of the cars I drove not presented.

The third test was really extreme - in real winter conditions. We "warmed up" again on a parking, specially hired for the purpose. Here the only obstacles were the snow and the ice. To be able to control the car in real winter conditions was not easy task. Gradually we jumped into the deep. In heavy winter conditions we jumped with the cars on rough roads. At this stage I had no fear or doubt that BMW will go through every test on the road.

At the end of this memorable day I felt emptiness. The feeling was like to take luxury rental car where you can enjoy a little and then have to turn it back. After a few test drive adventures I thought what kind of car I would like to drive someday. For sure if I am financially independent will choose a model of the German giant. No matter if we need every day car, whether we want to take a rental car for a ski vacation, BMW offer everything needed for our comfort.