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Time to return your rental car?

Time to return your rental car?

Your trip is at its end, you spent some memorable time and are on the road back home with the rental car, you rented especially for the occasion. In case your trip with the rental car lies ahead of you, here is some useful advice: How to treat your rental car.

And here is some advice on how to prepare the rental car and return it to the car rental company.

Before you drive the rental car back to the company, do visit some gas station and refill the fuel tank. This way you'll not only return the rental car with a full tank - the way you got it, but you'll avoid the payment of an additional service after returning the rental car with half-empty or empty tank. This service is usually calculated based on the missing fuel as shown on the instruments panel of the rental car (not quite exact as you can imagine) plus an additional fixed fee for refueling by the car rental company.

Another good practice would be to visit a car wash before returning the rental car. This is especially true in the winter months, when there is a lot of dirt, mud and salt on the streets for the rental car to get covered with. This way you'll not only save time when the rental car gets inspected by a company representative, but in some cases this will lead to a several days delayed refund of your deposit, if the car is too dirty for a valid inspection without washing.

And last but not least, when you return the rental car, do bring for reference all the papers you've signed with the contract, when you picked up the rental car.