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The winter and the rental cars

The winter and the rental cars

Temperatures this winter have fallen bellow the freezing point and in some places in Bulgaria they have even reached -30 degrees Celsius. Not to mention the snow cleaning companies and the city authorities who were again "surprised" this winter. Frozen streets, boulevards and highways everywhere and who is to blame? The truckers of course. Such road and weather conditions make you think twice before venturing outside your cosy home. And if you must, you can't help but wonder, will you be able to find your car on the snow-covered parking lot and to dig it out, will the engine of your car fail to start after 30 minutes of you digging in the snow. And if you finally get to start your car, will you be able to reach your destination, especially if you are going on a mountain holiday trip.

One good alternative to your own car in the city remains the good old cab. The taxi can do the job once or twice, but it still remains an expensive alternative to your car. The cold weather is here to stay for the next month or so, so you might want to think long-term and pick another alternative - a rental car. No matter if you need a car for 2-3 days until the city authorities get the job done with cleaning up the streets, or if you need a hire car in Bulgaria for a trip out of town, the choices and options are plenty. Ranging from almost new rental cars with 4 wheel drive to all terrain vehicles - the choice is yours and you don't have to worry if your engine will be able to start or if you'll be able to reach your destination.

One nice feature of the car rental offers for the winter in Bulgaria are the low rental prices per day, which might even surprise you pleasantly. And the reason is simple - low demand. Instead of traveling on the snow-covered roads, most people simply prefer staying at home waiting for the warmer spring and early summer days.