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The most important things you should be aware of before renting a car

The most important things you should be aware of before renting a car

With this article I'll try to help all those of you, who are willing to rent a car, but are wondering or even not knowing where to start. It doesn't matter if you are a foreigner on a trip to strange and exotic countries passing through Bulgaria, or if you are a bulgarian citizen, proud owner of a car waiting for repairs in the workshop, or if you are just tired of fighting your way through the hassle in the public transport every day. Whatever the reason - you want to rent a car, but you don't know how, or where, or what to be careful and picky about? Don't worry - we'll start off with some simple questions, most of the answers of which you can find all by yourself.

What kind of rental car do you need?
Here you need to make a choice based on some simple parameters like size (this includes number of seats and luggage space available) and trim level. For your sole convenience most of the car rentals group their vehicles in price groups or classes based exactly on those two parameters and not based on car make or model.

Where do you intend to drive the rental car?
First and most important is the country where you intend to travel. Then comes the question about the cities you intend to visit, especially those with offices of the car rental you have in mind, so you can plan on picking up and returning the rental car.

For how long do you need the rental car?
What you need to have in mind, when calculating the time period of your car rental reservation, is not only the length of your journey or trip. You need to calculate some extra time for traveling from and to the car rental offices for pick-up and return of the rental car. Doing so will save you any additional fees for car delivery and / or pick-up.

If you are ready with the answers to the above questions, you definitely are ready to make your first rental car reservation. Here is the place to add one more important thing. The sooner you make your rental car reservation, the better. Last minute reservations will save you some money, but you won't get to choose from as many car rental offers, prices, models and terms as you would otherwise.