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The "car sharing" event

Every traveler has a different "trick" to get from one place to another in the most rapid, easy and cheep way. Every tourist has a secret or key for smooth and efficient trip. For some to visit more places in a short time is the number one goal, while others prefer to see less places, but to enjoy them. If you ask ten tourists which they think is the most convenient and affordable way to travel probably will get ten different answers. Some will say that they prefer airplane as it`s faster, not wasting time traveling and can see more things.
For others, the journey by bus is the preferred. This is definitely not for the freedom-loving people. It is not only long and heavy transitions, often setting in narrow and uncomfortable seats, but also the fact that to be dependent on at least 40 more people. This option often is selected by oldest people who would like to have a guy who helps and guides them abroad and most of these organized bus trips offers a guide.

Traveling by train on the other hand is a good alternative, say some-you can enjoy the beauty of the places you go through and you have the ability to take a walk when you get tired of sitting in one place. The downside here is that the journey can be quite longer and uncomfortable. In Western Europe, however, travel by train is not only rapid and comfort, but offers a different kind of extras such as movies, music, serving food and drinks. But here comes the question of the high ticket prices for these ultra-modern trains that can be seen in Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain and other countries.

For me, the most pleasant and most convenient way to travel is by car. Traveling by car you can enjoy the amazing nature. The journey by car takes longer than an airplane for example, but gives a freedom that cannot be replaced choosing other way. The freedom to stop wherever and whenever you want to see places that are interesting and compelling. For some, however, to rent a car abroad is an impossible task, while traveling with their own vehicle is a risk.

Therefore, I would like to share my experience from last summer. I was going through two-three European countries when I found the best possible way to visit more places for less time and meanwhile enjoying a relaxing and enjoyable trip. This is the phenomenon of "car sharing", which in WesternEurope is very common way to travel. There are official sites that the travelers publish their routes vacancies in the car and the price of the trip. I have understood that there are car sharing sites in more than 8 countries in Western Europe. The announcements are accessible after a short registration by giving your phone number and names. Everything is much easier and even I was a foreigner I haven't experienced difficulty in contacting the drivers. The majority of the people I have traveled with were very helpful and kind, taking me from well-known places and during the whole journey we talked about various topics. Always I was asked for the music or if they wanted to smoke, also the temperature in the car and when I wanted to stop for a walk. The experience was unique because I met different people; I saw many places and all that at the half of the price of rail or bus tickets. It's like you have taken a rental car with a personal driver, but at significantly lower price. I encourage every traveler to test the "car sharing".