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The all new Peugeot 308

The all new Peugeot 308

In the first days of the new year we had the chance to taste the flavour of the all new Peugeot 308. Like you expect in it you can find a new technology, beautiful design and a conception of simplicity. You can feel the new technology from the moment that you open the driver’s door. Lightweight alloys, reinforced points of the construction, more than you need plastic and a new way to place the driver in the car. Steering wheel under the dashboard make you feel the sport sense. The sport sense that is doesn’t fit well, because in this model which is the Peugeot’s headliner they rely on practicality and economy, mandatory things for a car of the middle class. They must put a ESP and a traction control, because every car manufactured in European union after 2013 must have it, so we don’t think these things are extra equipment.

The design is like a typical German car. It’s horrible, but it’s a fact. So in Peugeot the trade department has taken the lead and in order 308 not to make problems with the sales of the 508 the second row of seed doesn’t have enough space for the leg - which was the big advantage of the 308 in the past.

The other big problem with the car is the attempt to simplicity. Trying to copy the BMW in the simplification of driving car, Peugeot make it so badly that almost everything is controlled by a low quality display in the middle of the dashboard.

Like a car rental company which has been using 307 and 308 for a long time, we must say that we are so disappointed from the new model. Very beautiful and modern but not so practical and it has lost his main advantage - the big space in its little body.

We are waiting for the new 308 in our car park and we are interested in the opinions of our rental car costumers. Once we know them we will share them with you.