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Some tips when making your rental car reservation

Some tips when making your rental car reservation

I guess you do already have an idea what rental car you need, when you are going to need the rental car and for how long. In case you don't already have these answers, this article is definitely going to help you find them: The most important things you should be aware of before rening a car.
Knowing your needs, you have already chosen a rental car and a car rental company. Here is the place to remind you again - make your reservation as soon as possible. Do not make it last minute. An early reservation guarantees a much wider choice of rental cars, additional services and options.

So you are eager to make your reservation by picking up the phone and calling the car rental company. Don't rush it! I'm sure you have already stumbled upon the web site of the car rental and browsed through the offers and options at your disposal while you were looking for a car rental company. Most of the bigger car rentals do have a reservation form on their website for you to conveniently make your reservation online. Use it. Perhaps you are wondering right now, why do you have to bother filling out forms when you can simply pick up the phone and tell the car rental guy what you need? You are both right and wrong. By filling out the rental car reservation form you specify the exact car class, make and model you would like to rent, the period you would like to rent it for, as well as all sorts of additional information about delivery, returning, flights, etc. After you fill out and send the reservation form, a car rental representative will contact you by e-mail to confirm your reservation and do some additional information gathering if necessary. Easy, right? And all you did do was filling out a rental car reservation form.

If you still insist on calling and making your rental car reservation, do that by all means. You have to be prepared for a longer communication with the car rental company thou. The reason is simple. After your phone call, the car rental guy has to put down your reservation information in written form and send it back to you for confirmation via e-mail. You on your side have to read it carefully, make all the necessary corrections and add missing details from your rental car reservation phone call. Then you send this back to the car rental company for final confirmation. A lengthy procedure, don't you think? Not to mention the additional phone costs for the initial phone call.

If you have successfuly made your rental car reservation, all you have left to do is wait for the first day of you reservation, when you get to sign the rental car contract, pay the bill and pick up your rental car.