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Safety first

Safety first

Most of us love the comfort and the things that facilitate our life, smart phones, tablets and other technologies that we use every day. Generally we would like to feel comfortable and to save maximum time, while being profitable. All these factors affect the choice of a car, whether you want to buy a new vehicle or hire it for a few days we look primarily for comfort. Few people realize, however, how important travel safety is. Nils Bohlin is the guy that has been working in this direction for many years. We cannot say for sure how many people have been saved by the engineer of Volvo Cars, who in 1959 introduced the three-point seat belt. Since then it remains the most effective protection for the driver and his companions in the event of an accident. In just one year the revolutionary invention of Bohlin saved hundreds of thousands of lives and prevent injuries of a millions of people. In the beginning many people were skeptical. But just 12 months later even the most distrustful ones acknowledged the belt as the most effective way for prevention of fatal accidents.

In 1967 Volvo convinced the public of the importance of the seat belts at the rear seats. Studies made back then have shown that in a frontal collision rear seats unleash a huge force and in most cases fatal blows. Proving those facts with numerous crash tests Bohlin prevented countless tears in the world. So it was in the early 70s of last century in the state of Victoria in Australia when the first law has been introduced, that required all drivers to put front and rear seat belts while driving. Failure to comply with the statutory provisions resulted in serious fines. In only one year figures for accidents with fatal end were reduced by 20%. In the other countries at that time it was only recommended to wear seat belts. But after taking into account the number of accidents a law has been gradually introduced everywhere. Not long after the belt got a world wide recognition, the German Patent Register recognised the invention of Bohlin as one of the eight most important inventions ever .The Swedish engineer shares this honor with great persons such as Benz, Edison and Diesel. Of course, till the moment there are still drivers that are wearing seat belts only when they see law enforcement officer on the road. These people usually justify the belt obstructs them and is uncomfortable. Others believe that the seat belt can be a trap during an incident and rely on the air bags. But most do not know that getting in a crash with 50 km/h leads to clash with the windshield and steering wheel, with force equal to the blow from jumping from the third floor.

Generally to save a live seems so easy - grab, stretch and click. Putting safety belt takes between 3 and 5 seconds. The chance of survival with it in an accident is 50% higher. It is impossible to calculate exactly how many lives were saved by the patent of Volvo Cars. According to some statistics, the figures amount to tens of millions and according to others - hundreds of millions.

Once the car companies are convinced of the reliability of the three-point seat belts, most of them began to fit them into their models, according to experts they increase the chance of survival of the occupants in a crash by 50%.

Nowadays security technologies continue to evolve continuously with the sole purpose of saving lives. That was also the main intention of Bohlin. To this day, the tree-point belt remains the most reliable way to prevent injuries in most extreme situations. So we should be more responsible in using it. As a car rental agency we are concerned about the health and the safety of our customers, therefore we appeal to you: use the seat belts every time you climb into a car.