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Rental cars and something more

Rental cars and something more

Spring is coming, the temperatures are rising slow and steady, the days are getting longer and you can’t help but think more and more about the summer holidays. Some of you might have already made a hotel reservation and are waiting impatiently. Now is the time to think about transportation to the seaside. One good alternative for your comfortable trip remains the rental car. If you are thinking about hiring such a car it is about time to look for and choose a car rental company as well as to ask about active promotions and bargain prices for early reservations.

There is yet another new interesting service I would like to present to you, which is gaining popularity in neighboring Greece. Especially for VIP clients, valuing the additional security during their travels, it is now possible to hire a police car or a policeman. Renting such a car cost 30 euro per hour. In fact this kind of service offers more than just police vehicles for hire, as stated by the representative of the greek police for BBC. Among the long list of rentals in offer there are some interesting assets like cranes and heavy machinery for rent at the cost of 90 euro per hour, rental police boats for 200 euro per hour and even helicopters for 1200 euro per hour.

These new services are exclusive for our southern neighbor and are most probably part of the rescue plan for revival of the long dead greek economy the incompetent greek politicians came up with, thus hoping to get the country out of the crisis and return the debt in the amount of 350 billion euro. There is a chance, that our own politicians decide to use this greek know-how and implement it here as well by making police rental cars and equipment available for the masses. For now thou all of us interested have to wait.