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Rental car or rental SUV for the winter

Rental car or rental SUV for the winter

December is here and the winter cold and snow are at our doorsteps. Everybody prefers to stay at his cozy, warm home in front of the fireplace with his loved ones. Though the the spirit of Christmas and New Year’s Eve will surely make some of us to dress warm and venture out to visit friends and family for the holidays. As the family car might not always be a viable option at this time of the year, there are always plenty of car rental offers at our disposal to choose from. To make the best possible choice however we have to ask ourself one thing first - do we need a rental car or a rental SUV?

A hire car fitted with winter tires is just right for moving around the city or the highways where the snow has been cleaned and the road has been treated. If you however are a safe player and would like to be sure that you are indeed going to arrive where you are traveling to, no matter what the road conditions are or how much it is going to snow the last few hours before departure, then the rental SUV is your natural choice. Except for the good road behavior and the high passenger comfort, these high class vehicles offer plenty of space for luggage and presents. No more worrying about driving up those steep narrow streets in the neighborhood, or about parking in the deep snow, where the only free parking spot is, and then later getting out of it with no effort at all.

Sure the price of a rental SUV is much higher than that of a regular hire car in Bulgaria, so you have to seriously consider if you actually need a SUV or not. In order to decide, you have to think again about where you are traveling to and if the trip there really requires better snow handling capabilities or a regular rental car would suffice.