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Rent a car for 30 euro, make 1500?

Rent a car for 30 euro, make 1500?

A small group of comrades from the ghetto discovered an interesting “money making scheme”. They hired a car for several days, drove it to a secluded garage in one of the suburbs of Sofia and ripped out the catalyst of the vehicle. Then they returned the rental car after only one day of “use”. The car rental company got its 30 euro from the deal ignorant of the damage they caused, only to be surprised two weeks later with an engine repair bill for 1000 euro for the same new rental car. The reason: instead of filtering the exhaust through an expensive catalyst, the rental car is now fitted with a new advanced filtering technology – a ball of metal scrubs for pans. There is also some obvious mechanical damage caused by the fitting procedure to the surrounding systems, tubes and wiring.

Such a scenario played out in several car rental companies in Sofia within the past month and more than 12 rental cars were “upgraded” by the young entrepreneurs (most of the cars were made by Peugeot). According to car experts the value of one such catalyst is between 500 and 1500 euro based on brand and model of the rental car.

The story ends today with the arrest of the two brothers (36 and 38 years old) and their 26-year old friend – a mechanic in this same garage, trying to dismantle yet another catalyst from the next hired rental car – a Peugeot 4007 with an intentionally installed GPS tracking device.