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Prices of rental cars in Bulgaria compared in november 2011

Prices of rental cars in Bulgaria compared in november 2011

What would you do if you want to hire a rental car for the very first time but you have no idea where to start? The easiest thing to do for a fast start would be to search for the term "rental car" (in bulgarian) with the help of some search engine. For better or worse the most popular one and the one most people think of when search engine is mentioned is Google. So far so good. We open Google and type "rental car" and... over 1 000 000 results. Yes, everybody knows that the most relevant search results are usually found on the first 1-2 pages. Whew! But that still leaves us 15-20 sites to explore, compare the rental cars they offer, as well as the terms and prices of each car rental company. This may sound easy, but, believe me, it is not. Each car rental has its own set of car makes and model to offer as well as different pricing. How do we compare which car rental offers the best prices without sacrificing quality? A tough question I'll try to answer by presenting you the following comparison table of the first 20 car rental companies found by Google when searching for "rental car" on November, 8th 2011.

yearsfor 15+ days in euro/daydeposit euromodelpointsgoogle
1.carbgrent.com218200Opel Corsa2014
2.toprentacar.bg218-Opel Corsa2015
3.astraltranstours.com318100Opel Corsa2117
4.rentacar-tt.com219150Peugeot 2062112
5.sofia-rentacar.com320-Opel Corsa232
6.speedycars.eu321150Opel Corsa246
7.valkar.bg321100Opel Corsa249
8.irent.bg222-Opel Corsa2413
9.motoroads.com614100Opel Corsa2618
10.rentacarbg.net516-Opel Corsa2620
11.savoyrent.com715100Opel Corsa2911
12.car1.bg426150VW Polo308
13.tbirentacar.com625150Citroen C3375
14.varnarentacar.com528-Ford Fiesta3819
15.rentacarmm.bg238250VW Polo4016
16.carrental.bg826300Opel Corsa423
17.colonel-rent-a-car.com1018150Audi A2487
18.hiremycarbg.com1023200Peugeot 2065310
19.muriw.com1512100VW Polo571

The ranking is based on the Opel Corsa model (economy class rental car) or similar. To determine the number of points we use the price for renting the car for more than 15 days taking into account the car's age. Rental cars manufactured within the past 4 years get 1 point per year. These are almost new rental car models with small mileage. Rental cars manufactured 5 to 8 years ago get 2 points per year. These are older rental cars and car models with mediocre mileage. All other rental cars manufacrured more than 9 years ago get 3 points per year. These are very old rental cars / models with a lot of mileage under the hood. Not all car rental companies publish the actual year of manufacture of their cars. That is why we use a default value for the year of manufacrure for those rental cars (a car model manufacrured between 2000 and 2008 defaulted to 2004 as an year of manufacrute). The total ammount of points is calculated by adding an extra point for each euro from the price column to the age points. The order is ascending - less points means a more attractive rental car offer.