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Prices of rental cars in Bulgaria compared in March 2012

Prices of rental cars in Bulgaria compared in March 2012

Spring is coming and the temperatures are slowly rising. The days are getting longer and sunnier. The desire to go outside or make a trip in the country and relax among the nature, thus leaving the city hassle and the daily troubles behind, is getting more and more irresistible. Regrettably your private car has been sitting in front of your house for the past few months, it’s engine hasn’t been started since and the yearly vignette has long expired. Enough reasons to stay at home? Don’t let all these stop you. Just hire a rental car and get on the road, without any preparations or hustle. The car rental prices are still pretty low and affordable and the demand is not so big yet, so be spontaneous - decide now and be ready for departure in less than two hours.

Have we convinced you yet? Good. All that’s left is to browse through the rent a car offers and choose one of the many car rentals on the market, offering rental cars. Most probably you’ll start your search online with Google by typing “rental cars”. As you may have noticed already the choice of car rentals is huge. That’s why we’ll try to help you now, as we did in november at the beginning of the winter, by reviewing and comparing the top 20 Google results for the term “rental cars” (in bulgarian) on March 10, 2012 and sort them by price and vehicle age.

годиниза 15+ дни в евро/дендепозит евромоделточкиgoogle
1.rentacar-tt.com115 euro150 euro1316206+
2.astraltranstours.com418 euro100 euro922corsa
3.carbgrent.com122 euro200 euro623206+
4.rotto-bg.com321 euro200 euro1524polo
5.rentacarmm.bg126 euro250 euro1827polo
6.car1.bg127 euro-1728206+
7.toprentacar.bg6*18 euro200 euro1430corsa
8.maxrentacar.com6*18 euro200 euro2030corsa
9.speedycars.eu6*19 euro150 euro731corsa
10.g-rent.eu6*20 euro200 euro132corsa
11.irent.bg6*20 euro200 euro1232corsa
12.sofia-rentacar.com6*20 euro-532corsa
13.valkar.bg6*21 euro100 euro1033corsa
14.tbirentacar.com628 euro150 euro240c3
15.carrental.bg11*26 euro300 euro342corsa
16.colonel-rent-a-car.com1213 euro120 euro1149206
17.varna-car.com1214 euro100 euro1650ibiza
18.muriw.com18*12 euro100 euro466polo

The ranking is based on the Opel Corsa model (economy class rental car) or similar. To determine the number of points we use the price for renting the car for more than 15 days taking into account the car's age. Rental cars manufactured within the past 4 years get 1 point per year. These are almost new rental car models with small mileage. Rental cars manufactured 5 to 8 years ago get 2 points per year. These are older rental cars and car models with mediocre mileage. All other rental cars manufactured more than 9 years ago get 3 points per year. These are very old rental cars / models with a lot of mileage under the hood. Not all car rental companies publish the actual year of manufacture of their cars. That is why up until now we used a default value for the year of manufacture for those rental cars (a car model manufactured between 2000 and 2008 defaulted to 2004 as an year of manufacture). As it turns out, many car rental companies do not share the vehicle’s manufacture date if it is manufactured near the start of the aforementioned period.That’s why from now on we’ll be using the start of the period as a default manufacture year (in the example above - 2000). The total amount of points is calculated by adding an extra point for each euro from the price column to the age points. The order is ascending - less points means a more attractive rental car offer.