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Prices of rental cars in Bulgaria compared in August 2012

Prices of rental cars in Bulgaria compared in August 2012

The summer is in its hottest and code yellow and orange are announced every other day. Long gone are the winter frosts and the nice spring days. Everybody has already planned her summer trip to the sea or up in the mountains and it is only a few days away. Some of you have even managed to take a few days off in the beginning of the summer and are eager to feel the summer emotions yet again. For all of you it is important to get to your desired vacation destination quickly, comfortably and safely.

As far as your traveling means are concerned, you can always choose a rental car to travel with beside the usual alternatives such as to travel by bus, by plane or by your private car. At this time of the year most of the car rentals in Bulgaria are pretty busy and rental car reservations are made at least a few weeks earlier. Of course there are some pretty irresistible last minute offers but they are quite easy to miss so you have to search pretty hard to get your hands on one of them. If you decide to take a look at what the car rental companies have to offer you’d probably start your search in internet with Google by typing “rental cars”. As you may have noticed already the choice of car rentals is huge. That’s why we’ll try to help you now, as we did at the beginning of the winter and in spring, by reviewing and comparing the top 20 Google results for the term “rental cars” (in bulgarian) on August 20, 2012 and sort them by price and vehicle age.

yearsfor 15+ days in euro/daydeposit eurogooglepointsmodel 122 euro200 euro 523206+ 221 euro150 euro 1223corsa 4*21 euro150 euro 425fiesta 424 euro100 euro 1328corsa 430 euro200 euro 1834megane 721 euro100 euro 2035corsa 624 euro200 euro 1936corsa 6*25 euro200 euro 1037corsa 6*27 euro100 euro 839corsa 11*23 euro300 euro 239corsa 6*31 euro200 euro 1643corsa 637 euro150 euro 149c3 14*12 euro100 euro 354focus 18*12 euro100 euro 766polo 18*12 euro100 euro 966polo 18*19 euro- 1573polo 20*20 euro100 euro 1780corsa --- 6-directory --- 14-directory
20.колиподнаем.net --- 11-bad/missing

The ranking is based on the Opel Corsa model (economy class rental car) or similar. To determine the number of points we use the price for renting the car for more than 15 days taking into account the car's age. Rental cars manufactured within the past 4 years get 1 point per year. These are almost new rental car models with small mileage. Rental cars manufactured 5 to 8 years ago get 2 points per year. These are older rental cars and car models with mediocre mileage. All other rental cars manufactured more than 9 years ago get 3 points per year. These are very old rental cars / models with a lot of mileage under the hood. Not all car rental companies publish the actual year of manufacture of their cars. That is why up until now we used a default value for the year of manufacture for those rental cars (a car model manufactured between 2000 and 2008 defaulted to 2004 as an year of manufacture). As it turns out, many car rental companies do not share the vehicle’s manufacture date if it is manufactured near the start of the aforementioned period.That’s why from now on we’ll be using the start of the period as a default manufacture year (in the example above - 2000). The total amount of points is calculated by adding an extra point for each euro from the price column to the age points. The order is ascending - less points means a more attractive rental car offer.