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Living light

Living light

Most appropriate light at any time. Adaptive technology division of the luminous flux provides optimum illumination of roads - automatically and in all conditions. As in city traffic and on the highway. When it comes to active safety most of us quite naturally think of the brakes of the car, the quality of the suspension and electronic systems such as ABS and DSC.
For decades, changes in the world of automotive lights is limited to improving the bulb headlights and now this improvement has reached its limit.

Opportunities to achieve additional brightness are exhausted. Point of halogen lamps development reached today marks the limit permitted by law in terms of brightness.

Bigger advantages and benefits offered only xenon lights. The xenon body is five times more long-lived than the halogen equivalent uses over 30% less energy and also improves the light emission with its cold light. Currently Xenon are a kind of a technological ceiling of opportunities for the automotive lights - nothing else on the market can achieve their characteristics. That is why engineers working to further improve safety, had to literally look at things from a different angle. They turned their attention to the range of the headlights. Given that cars do not move only in a straight line, but still are still pointing the beams of the headlights forward. The drivers need to drive the car in sections with curves, to turn at intersections and to perform U-turn maneuvers. Exactly those realities directed the efforts of Automotive Engineers in the right direction, which led to the development of intelligent control of lights. Many different people from the automotive business joined for this serious initiative. In the 90s the efforts of several manufacturers were combined to project development for Advanced Front Lighting System (AFS Advanced Front Lighting System) in 2002. This initiative led to deployment in the production system, allowing for variable distribution of light flow. With this technology a long-awaited dream was realised. The aim of obtaining a system capable of looking ahead to provide fully automatic best possible light in any situation was achieved.

The result of the work of many people is the development of an electronic system for Management of headlights that adapt to the situation so as to ensure the best possible visibility and prevent blinding oncoming drivers. The direction of the beam is always such that it corresponds to the steering angle of the steering wheel and the speed of movement of the vehicle.

In the city and at a speed of 50 km/h the luminous flux expands and objects from the remote side of the road can be seen more easily. At higher speeds when driving on highway scope of lights increases, and the far away light on the road is better covered by the luminous flux.
And that's not all, because a wave of innovation goes even further. In the future the emergence of "thinking" beam, which not only reduces its intensity when approaching oncoming vehicle, but adjust the tilt so that other drivers are not blinded while maintaining sufficient illumination of the road. Currently engineers are developing adaptive and adjustable lighting system that will change automatically accordingly when ascending or descending hills on the route, alway directing the light beam to the canvas.

In conclusion we can say that cars that have this new technology will be preferred when buying a new car or getting a rental car. For us as a car rental agency the most important is customer`s safety. Therefore we say welcome the technology and will try to obtain more cars that have it.