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Jaguar - the most reliable car worldwide

Jaguar - the most reliable car worldwide

Having considered the advantages of the German cars and in particular BMW, shared my thoughts of the Italian vehicles Alfa Romeo, I would like to pay deserved attention to the British giant Jaguar. Undoubtedly the car models of Jaguar are beautiful and safe, they definitely deserve the trust of their customers. But I would like to emphasize another advantage - the recognition of the specialists in the area.

Each year, leading US research agency JD POWER AND ASSOCIATES carries out a thorough study of the automotive sector. The british brand is recognized as the most reliable car in the world, displacing even Lexus from the top places. After receiving the prize in 2009, today years after this recognition, Jaguar is again with the highest score in the middle class sports cars. These accolades are essential for Jaguar. They are proof that the British produce not only one of the most desired cars, but also one of the most reliable ones. Adding high quality enshrined in the concept of each model of Jaguar, we understand why the brand is preferred by senior management worldwide. The growth of sales of the brand has already become a lasting trend.

In the future, Jaguar will be more accessible for all who dream to own it. More and more governments around the world grant tax incentives for cars with low carbon emissions. Therefore, Jaguar engineers have already begun to develop cleaner engines, which reduce pollution to a minimum. Proof of that are the V8 engines of the British brand. They are significantly cost-effective.

Besides being safe Jaguar cars are very powerful. Proof is Jaguar XFR, which officially was named the fastest Jaguar ever created. This became clear once during secret tests of legendary Sonny fields in Bonneville, Utah, the model achieves a remarkable top speed of 363.188 km/h and breaks the previous record of XJ220 of 349.4 km/h in 1992. Bonneville Salt Flats area is a vast territory with a flat surface where the end-time high-speed cars are tested and placed a number of records.

With minor changes in aerodynamics and safety to meet the conditions in Bonneville, maximum speed 363 km/h was achieved through additional power management system of the engine (ECU), a modified exhaust system and improved settings. There were no changes to the internal components of the engine and six-speed automatic transmission was standard.
XFR with Supercharged engine (with an output of 510 hp) with XKR adds even more exciting dimension to the range of Jaguar, combined with more dynamics and speed. Proof of this is a completed comparative test in which XKR presented itself more than convincingly, winning the first place, beating BMW M5 and Audi RS6 without a problem. Jaguar improves all "R" models and has them set up so as to provide fully focused experience to all enthusiasts and engine AJ-V8 Gen III adds even more power and dynamics. 

Power and high speed are not only prerequisites for the highest rating of Jaguar cars, but are an integral part of the history of the brand. This year marks 66 years of the setting of the record to 212.16 km/h by Jaguar XK120 in 1949.

We as a car rental company would like to be able to offer to our customers one of the models of the concern because they are powerful and very reliable.