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For how long do you need a rental car?

For how long do you need a rental car?

This is probably the most important question when choosing a rental car and it will definitely narrow the further search. Most car rentals in Bulgaria have different prices for different car rental periods. Usually the longer the time period, the lower the daily price you can get for a rental car. Don't rejoice just yet. If you get a daily price of 30 euro for one day and 24 euro for two, this does not necessary mean that you will get a lower daily price for three. The prices of most car rentals are usually grouped in 4-5 price groups depending on the car rental period. Here is an example:

Rental car for 1 day - 30 euro
Rental car for 2 to 7 days - 24 euro
Rental car for 8 to 14 days - 22 euro
Rental car more than 15 days - 20 euro

As you can see to plan your journey well is as important as finding out about prices and price groups for rental cars. In the end why try to squeeze your two week trip in a 14 days rental car reservation, when you have the better option of renting the car for 15 days leaving 1 day for getting to your destination and back, sparing some cash in the process. The math is easy - 14 days x 22 euro = 308 euro compared to 15 days x 20 euro = 300 euro. Get it? And finally my advice to you - plan carefully, check all your options and get the best rental car deal tailored just for you and your needs.