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Failed attempt to register a rental car stolen from Italy

Failed attempt to register a rental car stolen from Italy

There was a special operation in progress during the last 3 days of October, organized by the Vratsa (Bulgaria) police department. The objective of this operation was the uncovering of car insurance and leasing crimes, car traffic and illegal car deals as well as illegal acquisition of vehicles.

During the operation several car dealerships and morgues were inspected but there were no law violations uncovered. Police checkpoints were set on several key roads in the Vratsa region. Stopped for inspection were more than 50 cars of different car makes (Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, Range Rover, Porsche, etc.). Again, no crimes were uncovered. There were also more than 60 people checked during these inspections.

Just a BMW 320d without license plates and a fake document of ownership drew the attention of the authorities. The car was brought to the Vratsa police department for registration. The person driving the car said, that he was authorized by the car owner to register the car, which, at least according to the supplied documents, was imported from Italy. The resulting police inquiry to the italian authorities revealed, that this car was indeed from Italy and that it has been stolen from a car rental company there.

As expected the work on the case continues and I’m remaining in the hope that the authorities will do their job right. One thing about the car thieves bothers me though. How did they come to the idea to steal a car from the European Union in order to try and register it later again within the EU? Nowadays, with all systems interconnected, there is no need of an Interpol inquiry for you to know, if a car is stolen or not. All you need to do is input the VIN of the car into any vehicle registration system in order for all the red lights and alarms to go off. Nowadays even simple speed limit violations in the EU won’t go unpunished, let alone thievery. It’s enough to exceed the speed limit with just 10-20km/h in France, in order to receive a speeding ticket by mail at home in Bulgaria, even though both locations are 2000 km apart.

That’s why my advice is to all the car thieves out there. Dear thieves, do not try to steal, if there is a 100% chance to get caught. Try it only in areas more scarcely populated and with less technology at the disposal of the authorities, like the deserts of Africa or the jungles of South America. Even then still keep in mind, that if you do get caught there, you might not be able to reach the safety of a prison cell in one piece.