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Welcome to the site!

First thing is first. I’ll try to explain to you what this site is all about. is all about rental cars. It’s as simple as that. Don’t worry – I won’t try to sell you some service or sweet-talk you into renting a car. What I definitely am going to try is to present to you, absolutely free of charge, all sorts of information about car rentals. Here you’ll be able to read about all sorts of curious facts, news, events, useful advice, tricks, etc… everything around car rentals and rental cars in Bulgaria.

You might already be asking yourself, who needs such a site. The answer is simple enough. This site is for everyone, willing to rent a car, but definitely not wanting to waste precious time searching the internet for information, browsing sites, comparing prices and asking users of car rental services for advice in forums and blogs. That’s the main purpose of this site – to help you choose the right (your) rental car, saving you time and effort in the process, by presenting you with the possibility to find all the information you might need about the topic “Rental car in Bulgaria” from a single source.