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Car rental assistance

Car rental assistance

The winter is at its end and for the winter sports fans there is but little opportunity left to use the snow slopes of the mountain. It’s not rare to see cars on the streets equipped with ski roof racks heading to the winter resorts especially on the weekends. Many of these cars are in fact rental cars, because driving a newer and better equipped car for the harsh winter conditions sometimes can make the difference between being stuck in the snow and making it safely to your final destination, as I have already pointed out on several occasions. What’s more interesting, the hire car can be of invaluable help during your winter holidays in the mountain.

When leaving for our winter vacation, many of us usually think about what we shouldn’t forget to take with us - things like cash, id, ski, snowboard, equipment, etc. Nobody ever thinks about what we might need in case of an accident and the mountain is known to be full of dangerous surprises. Why bother thinking about the worst when there are the mountain rescue teams to always depend on? Haven’t we all seen at least a series or two about the brave mountain rescuers performing their duties admirably? In many aspects it’s indeed so in the real world, thanks to their incredible organization and equipment. There is however one issue and that’s called rescue capacity. In most cases it has been calculated to be enough to handle all the injuries, but in some cases when there are many injuries the rescuers can get overwhelmed. When the helicopter can’t handle the transport all of the injured to the nearest hospital, which is usually located 50 km away in the nearest city, the car rentals come to aid the rescue efforts. These car rentals in Bulgaria usually have assistance contracts signed with the rescue teams, to help when needed. Several rental cars with drivers can transport the majority of light injuries to the nearest hospital leaving only the more critical cases for helicopter transport.

That’s how, without even knowing it, you might have taken advantage of the many possibilities a hire car has to offer, even in those rare life saving situations nobody expects and plans for.