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Barajas - an airport taking care of a huge parking lot

Barajas - an airport taking care of a huge parking lot

As I'm with hot temperament, I love to travel and I adore all the Iberian countries and especially Spain. I will tell you about my last visit there. Spain is a country that fascinates and attracts visitors from all over the world. Its geographical position and good climate conditions attract many people. Along with its natural beauty and amazing beautiful places that can be seen in Spain, unique food and cheerful mood of the people I stumbled with something else; very good organization that has nothing to compare with the situation in the Balkan Peninsula and in particular in our country. The Spanish have a very well-functioning network of intercity transport - metro, urban, suburban trains, through which you can cross the whole country in two hours.

For example, imagine that you have to fly several times a week on business. Have to change the flights, then you have to rent a car . All this cost you time. Something that impressed me greatly in Spain was the parking lots organization that I saw at the airport in Madrid.

I won’t talk about the size of the airport or what I saw inside, since most people who have travelled know what it is; I can compare it to a huge mall (900 square meters, stores for clothes, underwear, perfumes, electronics, souvenirs and places where you can eat or drink peacefully cup of hot coffee).

Since it was opened in 1982 Barajas Airport is one of the most overloaded airports in Europe, yet the organization of the services helps people to save time and be comfortable giving them many opportunities for their journey.

But back to the organization of the parking lots. Barajas airport has 19,350 parking spaces, distributed in five different parking categories adapting to to the needs of each passenger. 
There are various options and solutions for parking, the needs and desires of the clients. All possible options to choose the right one. An Online Parking Reservation System is available since 2013 for permanent, long or short stay. This system improves passenger service and makes the procedure more comfortable prior to their arrival at the airport.

You can leave your car next to the airport terminal and be peaceful knowing that your vehicle will be secure under the appropriate security measures. 
The mentioned service is included in the price of tickets to one of the largest Spanish airlines. But this is not the only offered privilege. The passengers are facilitated by offering them the opportunity to rent a car without additional charges. All the companies that offer "rent a car" service have been checked and they are reliable . All those services facilities the people whose work is related to a lot travelling by plane and then by car. To have the opportunity to choose whether to travel by “rent a car“ or by its own as in both cases you secured parking is easy and convenient way for all drivers.