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Balkan traveler’s Guide (Part 2 - Greece)

Balkan traveler’s Guide (Part 2 - Greece)

Land of love for life. Life in its best sense. Calm, fun, good food, endless beaches. Greeks are the best in talking about work, but not doing it. In their culture even while working you should not get tired . Work must be relaxed, if there is anything urgent, it can wait. Hence their notorious attitude towards life. In combination with endless beaches, their history has created a nation, that is not a subject to modern standards. Their lifestyle and daily routine is out of all frames.

Greece is a modern country and thanks to the tremendous support of the European Union, you can count on good infrastructure on the main arteries of the national road network.

You took your rental car, you have navigation, but check also a travel map. It's not something complicated to do, but it can save you a lot of headaches. Especially when traveling in a country, where there are many ferries as part of most routes, and those are not in 5 minute intervals.

As soon as you have chosen the destination, you can start searching for information on the Internet. You can be lucky enough, if someone you know has already visited your trip destination. Ask around! Many Bulgarians that use rental cars preferred the Greek coastline to the Bulgarian in the last five years. You might get lucky! While examining the road, pay good attention on the tolls. This matter should not be underestimated as a good survey and planning can save you a lot of money.

Even with a rental car, ask for strange regulations.

Еxample: In Greece, you may not drive a car with a trailer hook, if you have no trailer attached. The fine is 500 euro, an amount you most probably prefer to spend in the taverns instead on the road.

The next stage of the preparation is choosing the clothes. It is hot in Greece, so you don’t need to have extra clothes as insurance! Take only T-shirts and shorts / summer dresses with you.

Speaking of insurance, you must have a green card for the car, you are traveling with. You no longer need it at the state border, but in case of an accident it is required. Check if the insurance coverage is valid abroad, when you buy it. If it is not, pay extra for that. It's nice to also have a medical insurance. It is cheap and convenient.

Greeks are known as good hosts and know how to welcome their guests and spoil them. Give them an opportunity to prove it and you will be satisfied for sure. The endless beaches make you spend most of the time in the sun, and the delicious food and the good atmosphere in the taverns will make your evenings fun and entertaining. Be careful though and watch the price lists, if you don’t want any unpleasant surprises. Try the seafood - therein lies the power of the Greek cuisine. Even if you are tempted, do not combine a hearty meal with swimming. Many of the beaches are unguarded and the guarded ones rely on lazy Greek rescuers.

The hotel amenities have a major contribution to your wellbeing during your vacation, so choose carefully and pay upfront from Bulgaria, whenever possible. This will spare you a lot of trouble with the language barrier.

The roads are good, try to avoid tolls, but do not push it or you might find yourself lost somewhere in the wilderness. Hey, you go on vacation, try to enjoy yourself.

Take the flip-flops, the bags and the rental car and dive into a Greek adventure. It's worth it!