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Balkan traveler’s Guide (Part 1)

Balkan traveler’s Guide (Part 1)

Because of the growing number of clients’ travels to the neighboring countries with our rental cars, we decided to make an universal guide for traveling on the Balkan Peninsula.

In the recent past our peninsula was separated and hard for traveling. The very near kinship between the nations and the big brotherly hatred was the picture that was reality in Southeast Europe. Of course, the Cold War was one of the main reasons for this. The Cradle of Civilizations is hiding some old feuds between nations with very similar lifestyles.

Now it is hard for the young people to believe that 20 years ago it was as hard to go to Greece as it was to go to the USA, with or without a rental car. At this time the “car rental” phrase was unknown in our country. After many years of stupid separation now you can go to all of the Balkan countries only with your ID card in your hand (only for Turkey you need a passport, but this will be changed soon).

In the next part of this guide you will find nice advise on how to prepare yourself for going to the close-by countries, what you should beware, what you must pay attention to and how you can make your trip cheaper, of course using a rental car. For every Balkan country there will be a part of the guide, and now we are starting with the basic things.

If you take a car from a car rental agency, it must be diesel. Mandatory you need green card, even if nobody wants it on the border, the police will ask for it in case of an accident. Insurance for abroad for you and for the car - it’s good to have a medical insurance, too.

GPS navigation with latest updates of the maps and it’s good to check the route before leaving, because sometimes the navigations make mistakes.

Finally, change your Levs to the local currency; don’t rely on credit cards or on the exchange rate in the town that you are going. Let’s be honest, we are on the Balkans. Everybody wants to make money from you.

You need to prepare very good, because even though you are close to home you will be in countries that don’t have the best infrastructure and you can see stupid things on every step. Don’t rely only on Google, ask people that have been there before. The experience of other gays can be on your help. Ask them for the local people, for the strange things about the laws and for advise about hotels and food. You can save a lot time, nerves and money if somebody has already been there before you.

After you have all of the information that you need and it’s checked, you can enjoy one magical trip. A trip that will lead you through ancient civilizations' land, no matter to which Balkan country you decide to travel to. Interesting lifestyle, amazing cuisine, magnificent nature and a lot of history is waiting for you in every place that you go. After all here is the crossroad of humanity and it has been that for the past millennia.

So have a very nice trip and make some amazing memories of your own! We will try to give you the right information to save you from bad situations, so you can have the best trip ever!