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Are you comfortable in your car?

Are you comfortable in your car?

Have you ever felt exhausted after a long time in the car with terrible neck and waist pain? Lately I had to pass a significant number of miles often with a rental car, which made me realise the importance of comfort while driving. If you spend more than 5-6 hours behind the wheel you know that worth needed is the comfort in long drive. One of the main factors to feel better and most relaxed behind the wheel is the car seat. Many automobile giants invest money and effort to develop all sorts of innovations and improvements particularly in the field of searching maximum driving comfort.

Proper sitting posture is the guarantee better drive and less fatigue when traveling. Comfortable relaxing seat helps to achieve better posture behind the wheel. Sometimes the spine is forced to take a wrong item due to the fact that the ideal visibility and comfortable posture are often mutually excluded.

Comfortable position behind the wheel helps for better concentration and safer driving. In setting the maximum comfortable and relaxing seat engineers from various corporations join forces with specialists in orthopedics. Here are some of the improvements that have been introduced initially to higher class cars, but now the "extras" are required in the middle segment.

First we should mention the adaptation of the seat to the individual anatomy of the vehicle occupant. Diversity of options for setting creates a whole new sense of comfort and physical condition. Key role in achieving it plays the back. The main seat adjustment helps to achieve a comfort, no danger of tension in the muscles, while the back gets support at shoulder level in order to allow relaxed and optimal ergonomic seating position without straining your neck muscles. Excessive inclination of the back leads to muscle tension in the neck, but in this case effectively prevented by using adjustable upper sector the back door.
Another trick which contributes to the comfort of the driver's side are the side bolsters. They provide support for the driver and eliminate stress when passing through curves or performing sudden maneuvers. Without them the driver often strains to hold the seat which after some time becomes tiring. Side pads left and right provide the necessary support to the body so the driver does not have to seek support on the wheel.

Another trick – extended bottom part of the seat. This eliminates the appearance of muscle tension. Essential for muscles to remain active, but the backbone not to be tense. If the bottom part of the seat of the occupant is too short, it does not provide adequate support for the thighs, which leads to muscle fatigue and strain.

As another important component we should mention the back with side support. It prevents unpleasant shake of the head and stick your head in an upright position, reducing tension in the neck muscles.

For those who aspire to achieve even greater comfort recommended are three additional special options: 

1) Heated Seats - do not allow cooling of the back muscles in winter maintaining their flexibility. 

2) Ventilation of the seats - improves the microclimate between the seat and the diver`s body and its very appropriate for hot summer days.

3) Active mode - counteract the static pressure on the intervertebral discs. Due to this mode voltage cannot appear at all.

One of the biggest risks of injury in a rear impact lies in the possibility of neck and head sharply to be rejected immediately forward then backward causing the so-called whiplash. Active headrests decrease this risk-during the impact it moves forward to take over the smooth head, providing support as it moves back.

The most important task of the comfortable and relaxing seat, however, remains the elimination of the prerequisites for such circumstances. After all, it must offer the most comfortable driving posture and the ability to stay awake and alert for more but less time, while maintaining complete concentration behind the wheel. As a car rental company we have taken into account these factors, most of our cars offer this so important and sought comfort while driving.