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A Russian lady tourist injured a car rental company owner

A Russian lady tourist injured a car rental company owner

The summer season is at its high and everybody is awaiting the summer holidays impatiently. The hotel is booked and so are the plane tickets, the hire car or whatever transportation means are preferred to bring one to her dream destination.

The moment is close, when everybody wants to lie down, relax and give in to the leisure activities and rest. This does not mean however that we should be careless. If we are to allow ourselves this luxury, this could possibly cost us the pleasant time spent on vacation, to say the least.

That's how one Russian female tourist ended her holidays at the Bulgarian seaside, before it even began, by hiring a rental car. After she took care of all the paper work and all the formalities, the main character in our story got her hands on the rental car keys, got inside it and drove... back instead of forwards. Unfortunately the owner of the car rental company was out in front of the office to escort the lady and say goodbye. He was standing right behind the car and was crushed between the backing up hire car and the car parked right behind him.

After realizing what she has done, the Russian lady rushed to drive off forwards, thus losing control of the rental car and her short car trip ended in the nearby gutter. Nevertheless the story has its almost happy ending as the owner of the car rental in Bulgaria was brought to the nearby hospital with just a leg fracture.

That's why my advice to you is enjoy your vacation, relaxation and the perfect weather, but always with a healthy dose of awareness, so that your holidays can truly be perfect.