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A car rental company employee was the only one to notice the terrorist’s forged id

A car rental company employee was the only one to notice the terrorist’s forged id

Several days have passed since the tragedy with the bus full of israel tourists at the airport in Bourgas and there are still only speculations about the bombing. As for the authorities they are still pointing at each other trying to place the blame on someone else. The last statement of the prime minister even says that all the schengen area countries are to blame for letting the terrorist come to Bulgaria.

I do not know who is to blame and how the bomber managed to pass the border control of any of the european airports including the one here in Bulgaria, but I know for a fact that the only one to notice the terrorist’s forged id several days before the bombing was an employee at a car hire company in Pomorie, Bulgaria. That’s why he refused to give him a rental car and canceled his reservation.

The simple truth is that there were plenty of chances to prevent the bombing. First this should have happened at the departure border control and then there is the arrival border control here in Bulgaria that missed another opportunity. I can’t help but wonder how that’s possible, especially with the tightened security measures at the airports after september, 11th. Then there is the car rental in Bulgaria that should have had contacted the authorities about a foreign citizen trying to rent a car with the use of a forged id. I don’t even want think about the possibility that our national security agency has been warned by its israel colleagues about an upcoming terrorist act here in Bulgaria. This was according to the leaked out inside information, which of course was refuted right away from the authorities.

There will be much more talking about this tragedy, many more tries to place the blame on someone else and at the end the responsible ones won’t be punished. One thing is sure thou, 7 people paid with their lives for the carelessness of others.